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Justice Related Services Support Specialist

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Location: West View, PA

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Name: Lisa Hoff
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Job Description



Provides direct and indirect services for Persons with mentally illness involved in the State Correctional System and or State Parole System, which may include accompanying a consumer in the community and assisting with activities of daily living.  Major responsibilities include independent assessment, PCPC assessment, monitoring, advocacy and follow-up for a specified state caseload as consumers move throughout the mental health and state criminal justice system.  Must work in collaboration with the State Correctional System and the State Parole System.  Must also work in collaboration with the Service Coordination Unit, assist the Service Coordination Unit in obtaining necessary services, and in developing a service plan and support plan.




  1. Implements and provides services according to the Single Point of Accountability responsibilities:

    1. Be the “go-to" resource for the client served

    2. Assure that there are effective “safety net’ resources for the client served

    3. Clearly communicate to the client what they can expect from the system and what the system will expect of them

    4. Assure there is periodic assessment and cross system planning to meet the client’s needs while utilizing their strength.

    5. Prepare for, convene/facilitate service planning meetings and provide follow-up after meetings

    6. Assure there is cross system coordination of services and that services are being provide

    7. Assist the client in developing and using natural support

    8. Be a persistent advocate for those served and give feedback on systemic problem

    9. Provide a consistent positive outlook that encourages recovery and full inclusion in the community.


  1.  Meets or exceeds the standard productivity of 1320 service units per quarter by the end of each quarter of the fiscal year and complies with all policies and procedures of HSAO JRS Support Supplemental Services

  2. Effectively and efficiently manages a caseload as evidenced by adhering to all Supplemental Services standards, maintaining current records, turning all service docs in on a weekly basis, completing all court service plans, JRS support plans and authorizations as per established time frames, and is present and prepared for supervision.

  3. Assessment and service planning which includes assessing the level of functioning to determine appropriateness for placement in the Community Reintegration Program.

  4. Provides holistic, emotional, social and spiritual strength and needs.

  5. Collaborates with the Service Coordination Unit, develops a written service plan that determines how mental health and drug and alcohol services will be provided once client integrates into the community.

  6. Collaborates with the Service Coordination Unit, Treatment Team (Mon-Yough St. Francis, State Parole, State Correctional Mental Health Unit, or others) and other service providers in a multi-disciplinary approach.

  7. Assists the consumer in locating and obtaining needed services.

  8. Participates in discharge planning from State Correctional Institutions to assure appropriate referrals and appointments are obtained.

  9. In collaboration with the Service Coordination Unit, assists the consumer in obtaining appropriate housing, utilizing contingency funds when needed.

  10. Monitoring of Service Delivery.

  11. Reviews (at least weekly) client’s receipt of and participating in services until release from state criminal justice authority.

  12. Contacts provider agencies on a periodic basis to determine status of progress with the service plan.

  13. Reviews client’s satisfaction with service delivery and needs and attends treatment team meeting.

  14. In collaboration with the Service Coordination Unit actively assists the client in gaining access to needed services and entitlements.

  15. Communicates to various provider organizations/agencies the problems or complaints from a consumer and offers feedback to the consumer. 

Job Requirements




  1. Ability to work in a team-oriented atmosphere.

  2. Ability to be attentive to detail.

  3. Demonstrated organizational skills and meet all deadlines with all paperwork.

  4. Knowledge of Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  5. Ability to adapt to learn new software products.

  6. Ability to work with people from a variety of diverse agencies, backgrounds, resources, and communities.



  1. Possess Act 33 and 34 Clearances.

  2. Have a valid Pennsylvania motor vehicle license, access to a personal vehicle, and have maximum auto insurance on an employee driven vehicle.

  3. Computer skills.

  4. Ability to work independently.

  5. Full time position requiring 38.75 hours per week.


  1. Upon hire employee must obtain Institutional Clearances through the National Crimes Informational Center (NCIC) conducted by The Internal Affairs Dept of the Allegheny County Jail.

  2. Obtain yearly Institutional Clearances through the National Crimes Informational Center (NCIC) conducted by The Internal Affairs Dept of the Allegheny County Jail.





Must have a Bachelors Degree and three years work experience working directly with persons with mental illness or persons involved in the criminal justice system.


Qualified applicants should submit cover letter with salary requirements and resume.

Position Code must be noted on cover letter or resume.