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Community Service Officer

Company: N/A

Location: Olathe, KS

Pay: N/A

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Job Description

Perform taking walk in reports and assist the public with answers to questions and concerns for the Police Department.

Job Requirements

Experience:  Previous office experience preferred; some law enforcement related experience is desirable. 
Education:   A high school diploma or G.E.D.
Reasons for Disqualification
  • FALSE STATEMENT:  False statement of material fact/deception/fraud, or intentional withholding of the same;
  • FELONIES:  No felony convictions ever and no commission of a felony in the past five years, subject to review;
  • MISDEMEANORS:  Conviction/Commission of a Class "A" misdemeanor within the past five years, subject to review.  No conviction/commission of a Class "B" misdemeanor within the past two years to include a Failure to Appear traffic conviction, subject to review.
  • DRIVING RECORD:  Commission/Conviction of a DUI in the past five years.  Three or more citations within the last twelve months.  Three or more chargeable or at fault accidents within the past five years.  Overall driving history which is deemed unacceptable.
  • PROBATION/PAROLE:  Currently on probation, parole or diversion (inclusive or deferred adjudication).  Pardoned for any reason other than being innocent.
  • NARCOTICS/CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE:  Use of any illegal drug, other than marijuana, within the past five years or the sale of a controlled substance at any time.
  • MARIJUANA:  No use of marijuana in the last three years.
  • MILITARY DISCHARGE/CONDUCT:  Discharge that is less than honorable conditions.
  • UNACCEPTABLE BACKGROUND:  Work history, educational history, military service, general reputation, and interpersonal relationship.
  • TATTOO POLICY: Any visible tattoo must be covered by; clothing, a flesh-colored bandage, or a flesh-colored or black sleeve which does not detract from the appearance of the uniform. Employees are prohibited from having and/or obtaining any tattoo, any place on their body, which is offensive, immoral, or presents an unprofessional appearance as deemed by any Department or City policy, or the Chief of Police
  • PIERCINGS: Piercings are limited to two earrings per ear and "no gauged body parts."
  • CITY WIDE NEPOTISM POLICY:  Any applicant who has a member of their immediate family employed full-time or part-time by the City of Olathe is not eligible for employment.